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Mopar 68197769AA Oil Filter

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Clogged filters cost you money. 

Mopar Filters;

Mopar filters are designed using Chrysler engineering specifications, which means they can help maintain peak engine efficiency and performance.

1. Internally Lubricated Seal Gasket - Seal gasket is internally lubricated to provide better torque removal and easy replacement.

2. Anti-Drain Back Valve - Anti-drain back valve helps precent dry starts. High resistant "nitriles" in the valve help improve functionality and anti-drain back performance. 

3. Maximum Dirt Retention - Engineered with high dirt retention capacity for longer service intervals and severe driving conditions. 

4. Adhesive-Filled Double Lock Seam - Adhesive-filled double lock seam can withstand pressures up to 300 p.s.i.

5. Fluted Case - Fluted case allows easy installation and removal. 


Regular oil filter replacement is important to remove abrasive particles that can cause engine wear. Oil filters should be changed according to mileage intervals listed in the owner's manual, or more frequently when the vehicle is constantly put through stop-and-go traffic, short trips or dusty condistions. 

The best opportunity for selling filters is at the time of an oil change or engine tune-up. The customer is likely to be most interested in the needs of his or her vehicle at these times. Look for a "lube sticker" showing the date or mileage of the oil filter change.