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Alignment Inspection

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This is an Alignment Inspection.

Why is your vehicle's alignment important? Well, there are several factors of driving and maintenance that can be altered with poor alignment. 

1) Tires - you spent a lot of money on those tires. We've seen tires wear prematurely within a year of being bought. Think about that. Less than twelve months. Do yourself a favor, go to Google images and .search bad alignment tires'. You'll see tires that are completely bald on one side and almost new on the other. Granted, that's an extreme neglect case, but we want to make sure that your tires last as long and as safe as possible.

2) Wandering steering. Doesn't that drive you you nuts. When you want to go the same direction as your steering wheel's position but your steering wheel's straight position is 20 degrees off center.

3) Less stress on front end components. There are some factors in a poor alignment that can add extra stress on to other front end components of your vehicle. 

With an alignment inspection, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your car is on the straight path while being driven or have the knowledge to know that your vehicle requires alignment. At Parkers, if you purchase an alignment inspection on - we'll add the amount you paid for the inspection to the price of an alignment. 

Inspection purchases can be used from date of purchase and expire April 1st - 2019.